A World of Smart Infrastructure

Ubisor Tech is devoted to provide ubiquitous sensing solutions for all industries. 

Product & Services


Ubisor Tech is a startup company based in Cambridge, UK. Founded by an international team in 2015, we are committed to develop integrated Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) solutions for our customers. We are highly flexible and we can customise the products and services to suit your needs.

We specialise in Wireless Sensor Networks for niche applications such as road infrastructure and power line transmission, where most of our competitors have yet to establish a foothold. We pioneered the ‘Sleeping Mesh’ technology, which significantly reduce power consumption, resulting in a robust and reliable sensor network system suitable for outdoor applications and harsh environments. Being a young startup company, we strive to place the customer at the centre of the business and work around you.

With a potential $2 billion annual increase in capex opportunities for IOT infrastructure rollouts, this emerging market is forecasted to experience rapid growth from 2016 onwards, when products and platforms become mature enough to see widespread commercial applications (Deutsche Bank, Internet of Things Report 2014). We target the global industrial market with increasing demand for smarter sensors and insightful data, particularly in road infrastructure and smart grid applications. Please feel free to drop us a line and discuss future opportunities at contact us or read more about us here.