Ubisor 1.0


1) Wireless sensor network (WSN) system

WSN is made up from a network of sensor nodes that collect data and wirelessly transmit to a data center to be analysed. Our system uses IEEE 802.15.4 protocol with low power consumption. Our patented power management techniques enable the WSN system to operate at an average 1mW or lower, leading the low power WSN technology in the world. We could fit most sensors to the system, allowing a wide range of applications, anything from temperature, humidity, vibration to noise, pollution and strain monitoring.


2) Cloud data management

We use cloud storage for the vast data generated by our sensors. This allows the user to access the data at anytime, anywhere. We considered the optimised system structure and adopt quick searching algorithm aiming for highest data acquisition and visualisation efficiency. In addition, we have placed a great emphasis on data and network security to protect the rights of the data owner to gain profit from data.

 Displayed Sensor Data. Click the Picture to see real time Data.

Displayed Sensor Data. Click the Picture to see real time Data.

 Geographic Information System Search Engine.  Click the Picture to see search engine.

Geographic Information System Search Engine. Click the Picture to see search engine.

3) Energy harvesting technology

Besides the main battery, we also employ an energy-harvesting feature at the sensor nodes to complement the power system. This greatly reduces any power disruption to the nodes and allows the system to operate continuously without changing batteries. We have tested this in underground tunnels and remote areas under bridges. This system could harvest renewable energy and convert it to electricity.


4) Network coverage diagnostic tool

This tool allows the user to diagnose network coverage and connection in remote areas without the use of the vision system. It will display all sensor nodes and check that they are functioning. The diagnostic tool can also detect network problems and bottlenecks based on captured wireless traffic. The diagnostic tool is compatible with the WSN system based on IEEE 802.15.4 (MAC layer) and IPv6(Network layer) protocol.

Hardware Board to be released in Spring 2016